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Protests against restructuring of Stuttgart city centre

Protesters target "useless" infrastructure projects

RobK(Photo: R4mbo)

Critics of major infrastructure projects are gathering in France to
protest against the construction of a new airport near Nantes, close
to the Atlantic coast, and similar "grand projects". European
governments are investing vast sums in new road schemes, high speed
trains and city centre refurbishments to stimulate the economy, but
the environmental impact of such projects often leads to protests.

The new Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport is set to replace Nantes'
current facility by 2017. Local associations are questioning the need
for the new project and are concerned that it will harm the
environment and will be too costly.

The second "European Forum against useless infrastructure" is
expecting some 300 people to come to Nantes. They include groups like
Stuttgart 21 is Everywhere, who oppose the uprooting of the Stuttgart
(Germany) city centre for a new railway station, as well as the
Italian No Tav group which is trying to stop the building of a high
speed rail link between Lyon (France) and Turin (Italy).

Only last week hundreds of No Tav protesters fought a pitched battle
with police in the Susa valley (Italy), tearing down barbed wire
fencing and damaging lighting equipment. They had gathered on the
railway building site where a similar fight took place exactly a year

The forum in Nantes is also welcoming representatives from Spain's
Eurovegas No, who are resisting the building of a large tourism
complex, AHT Gelditu from the Basque country who are also opposed to a
high speed rail line, and the Finnish Women against Nuclear Power.
From host country France, several groups including Friends of the
Earth are present. The forum will end on 11 July 2012.

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