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Press Service

Independent European Daily Express is not just a news organisation publishing news reports online; our entire staff is also available as correspondents for press agencies, newspapers, broadcasters and other media, against a monthly fee.

IEDE subscribers are allowed to publish original IEDE copy via their own medium without any restrictions. Copy from other sources licensed and distributed by IEDE cannot be republished; in those cases copyright remains with the original sources.

Our Press Service is not aimed at bringing the same breaking news that major international press agencies are supplying. Instead we supply in-depth articles and reports from European countries, dealing with pan-European topics, which enables subscribers to stand out from the crowd and offer their clients more than the standard fare.

In addition, IEDE will gladly produce exclusive stories or in-depth reports about any subject at the request of subscribers, against additional payment. Please get in touch for the rates.

News organisations in other continents without their own correspondents in Europe can rely on IEDE for on-the-spot reporting about European issues.

Our output is dispatched around the clock, via e-mail, without delay.

Subscribers can apply for a free two-month trial period (see form below). After the second month you will be invited to take out a paid subscription. Upon payment the daily deliveries by our Press Service will be continued. We will send you our bills once a month by e-mail. You can pay via your bank, or via PayPal.

You can unsubscribe by terminating your monthly payments. If you want to continue your subcription without interruption, please make sure that we receive your payment within 28 days of billing.

 The subsciption rate is €100 per month (2012). 

Interested? Any comments?

Please use the form below to subscribe to our Press Service and/or our Tourism News Service.

For any other comments or suggestions, please use the Contact form, which you can find in the menu at the top of this page.

Please note that you will be asked to supply TWO e-mail addresses:

First of all, we need the collective e-mail address of your Newsdesk, which we will ask you to confirm by return of post (by clicking on a confirmation link in the message that we will send you). This is the address to which we will be sending our dispatches. Therefore make sure that your Newsdesk e-mail account can be read by any number of your editorial staff members; it should not be an individual's account.

The second e-mail address is the one belonging to you individually, or to a contact person acting on your behalf. This second address is the one we will be using for our business correspondence with you, such as our monthly bill. You only need to confirm this second address after the end of your free two-month trial of our service. We will then send you a message asking you to confirm the second e-mail address, using a link you can click.